Alisa Mokler HarperA self-described sports fanatic, photo dramatic, and word worker, Alisa Mokler Harper a full time job, but everything works out (or doesn’t) for a reason, and I’m glad I moved on. When I had the opportunity to go to school in Mammoth I took it.

Q: When did your athletic interest, particularly in winter sports begin and how did it develop/evolve?
A: Well, I was always an athlete, I guess. I started skiing at the age of three, and as a kid I did everything from ballet to gymnastics to Kung Fu. I started snowboarding in the late ‘80s, which was looooong (sic) before it was popular or well developed. I continued to get to the mountains as much as possible until I finally moved to Mammoth Lakes in the California Sierras in 1996. I went there to go to college and snowboard on the side, but all my classes were at night, which meant I was doing a lot of snowboarding. I entered a local contest and won it so I entered a bigger contest and won that too. When I finished at the itty bitty community college in Mammoth I had to make a choice between moving to continue my schooling or staying and taking a shot at a snowboarding career. I called my dad and he was like, “Well, you’re only going to get a shot at this while you’re young; school will always be there.” My parents were supportive. I was dedicated and in the right place at the right time. It led to joining the U.S. team and traveling the world to do something I truly love. And yes, school was still there when I went back.

Q: When you say you were a Team Rider for both Mission Six and Palmer Snowboards, does that mean you performed on the team, but also did photography and articles?
A: I was a team rider for Monix/Mission Six and Palmer for several years, which basically meant I rocked their equipment in return for support for my travel and competition. I also was able to weigh in quite a bit on the design side with both companies, which was both fun and eye opening. When my body finally decided it was over the abuse of competitive snowboarding I naturally gravitated to documenting the sport that I loved and knew so well.

Q: When did your love for writing and photography begin, and how did it evolve? What were some of your primary influences in both mediums?
A: I’ve always been a writer—it’s just one of those things that comes naturally. I often say that it’s a good thing I’m a writer because I fumble my words so much in real time—when I write it just… Read full article at In State | Alisa Mokler Harper, Never Settle For Less